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you indicate that the unemployment rate, in his current environment, with 6.7% -- with longer unemployment, is not like 6.6% unemployment in normal times? >> but mike, how do you communicate that? >> it will be difficult to do that and you will have speeches you make to give people guidance on what is going forward. i want to ask about the statement of inflation not being a problem. betting that inflation will rise over the coming months and the question is, how much is slack is there. on bloomberg surveillance tomorrow -- they argued it -- he will argue, this is much more dangerous than people think. saywill see chairman yellen that they will follow strict policy that will look at the labor market for reasons that we mentioned but this is not the only thing they will look at. they will go day to day to make sure they are not too soft. >> what kind of market can ben bernanke handoff to janet yellen? >> i would much rather be in her spot than his spot in 2008. i think that ben bernanke did a wonderful job of communicating that we are moving to tapering, and handing chairperson
a better environment. >> why? so many companies run so poorly? >> i think you have a market that is fair value, plus or minus. it is not overshadowed particularly. corporate are healthy. financials are well capitalized. interest rates are low. company balance sheets are filled with cash. private equities trading over one billion dollars. unclogged capital commitments. ironically in environment where you have low growth means that they are much more receptive to value trading ideas. that lends itself to a very fertile environment for what we do. take one case example. yesterday you filed a 13 tnd with one of your companies, huge, employees 60,000 people. you want to talk to the board about pretty much everything, right? management, capital structure, other stuff. what ultimately are you trying to achieve here you go -- achieve here you go -- achieve here? several pretty much everything. >> is there that much wrong with the company? >> there are a lot of things right with the company. but all of those things you articulated -- i'm very confident we will be able to work things out amicably.
months. quite how much longer can insurers endure this slow rate environment? it has to be painful. >> having said that, not all insurers are in the same position. zurich, we are starting to prepare for a low-interest environment. we came off of it in 2008, we had to make little changes to profitability. we chose to defend it, that was a very strong managing good we have less sensibility to low-interest rates than other countries, which probably will have more challenging times ahead. short interest rates continue to remain where they are. in other words, moving into a japanese scenario. thatarting to dustin and -- infrastructure of real estate. would you take more risk on so-called hard assets if you could? >> as part of my strategy for the economy, considering all of the assets, i would take moderately more risk. when you do that, we have also decided to move a part of our liquid assets into lesly quit assets. talking about infrastructure, i --uld dress that the world stressed that the world takes infrastructure loans, and some of the more risky assets modestly increase our quart
office environment, like we have here. that is compared to 27% for men. >> do you have an open office? >> yes, completely open. >> and conference rooms are always occupied? >> yes, they are on the interior. people are all around in an open area layout. when people need to meet, they find a conference room. >> you are moving right now. as a businessman, as a new york guy, how do you feel about you moving to the empire state? >> it is a great building. we were looking for 80,000 square feet. options, not too many -- we found maybe four or five at the time. we have two floors, 20 and 21. internal staircase. >> did you have to redo a lot of the truck sure where you are now? >> there were lots of small tenants, and i think they move them around. >> it is not available yet, but would you have considered the new world trade center? >> we did look at it. i think you can still. you cannot move in yet, but you can to some stuff in advance. it is actually pretty expensive. when we compared it to some of the other pricing -- >> for a tech company like yours, they have retrofitted the building. ev
environment further to that point is an entirely different story right now. the emergency right now is to have a program by the imf and other geopolitical standpoint to have some sort of a dialogue toh russia on the best way get out of this crisis. >> dragon capital was one of a number that signed an international appeal to the investment community. theask that you use all of means to your disposal to promote a peaceful resolution to the conflict -- it goes on. how much can this accomplish? how much can your partners do to influence [inaudible] putin's actions? whether with respect to they can do by having a sort of mature into a discussion with the russian president. we wrote that letter. we signed it together with the in orderestment banks to mark a point and say that anybody can act at its own local level. i believe that the 11% drop in sx today is a political argument being sent to russia saying this has a cost. do not agree with any military intervention, there are a few tools at the disposal of funds and entities around the world to highlight the cost of the current operation. >> did you
with a tight budget environment here. there are a lot of republicans who don't like the idea of giving any foreign aid right now. they don't like having to explain back in their home districts. >> peter cook, thank you for the latest on that. >> western nations are talking sanctions on russia. russia is talking sanctions of its own. in the middle, companies doing business in ukraine and russia. are hundreds of companies involved. not just pepsi, coke, mcdonald's. companies that have big grain shipping operations near the black sea. stock prices are holding an but that this not mean there are not effects. procter & gamble has been in ukraine since 1990. pampers, panty and -- pantene. three weeks ago they said because of currency fluctuations they were cutting their 2014 earnings forecast. they said emerging-market toctuations lead the company cut its 2014 earnings forecast by as much as a percentage point rat. >> that may make it even worse. >> caterpillar invested a billion dollars in russia. they were the first blue-chip company to issue rubles nominated bonds. is not just these companies
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6